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Name: L. VonBurg
City,State: Carlyle, IL
I wanted you to know that I have used this on two spots in our finished basement, and even I can't tell where they actually did it anymore. I am so grateful to you for offering this at such a reasonable price. It SOOOO works! We have 2 cats and have been in need of this for years. Thanks to you, we are now able to keep both of our cats, even the messy one.
Name: G. Varcoe
City,State: New South Wales, Australia 
Your formula is simple but brilliant. We noted most testimonials sent to you related to odor - our problem was dog urine STAINS on a near white carpet. No problem, all gone!
Name: T. Small
City,State: Cache, OK
Hi, I recently purchased your Pet Odor Eliminator formula and I must confess that at first I was irritated that I had paid for information on how to remove urine odors. I tried it and am now sold. I have 6 indoor/outdoor dogs and one of them is elderly and has frequent accidents in the house. My house is all tile. I've tried every product on the market to get rid of the odor and nothing has worked until now. I'm going back to the store tonight for more ingredients as I have a lot of ground to cover. Many thanks!
Name: W. Johns
City,State: Franklin, NY   
I just wanted to say thanks for offering a simple, yet effective recipe. The combination of ingredients completely eliminated the pet odor from the carpet. These spots were at least 2 weeks old and after purchasing a carpet shampooer, which didn't work, having the carpets professionally cleaned, which didn't work, I decided to try something else and it worked. No more pet odor. Thank you!
Name: S. Jernigan
City,State: Union City, TN
Let me start by saying THANK YOU! We moved in a beautiful new home in August of last year. In September, we got a dog that proceeded to urinate on all of my area rugs making the "new house" smell absolutely rancid. I had tried Woolite, Resolve, Odo-Ban and many other commercial cleaners. I was on my way to the grocery store to get a Rug Doctor and decided to do a Google search to see what I should put in it. I saw your website and reluctantly ordered. I decided to try just the formula itself without the Rug Doctor. I mixed up 4-5 pitchers of the solution and soaked the rug. The smell is ABSOLUTELY GONE! I was ready to throw away a $1,000.00 rug and you saved it for $9.99. I waited a few days before e-mailing you to be sure the smell didn't come back. It's been 5 days! My cleaning lady came today and said, what happened, I don't smell any pee. Thank you!
Name: T. Stickel
City,State: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
I got to try out this formula quite a few a times this week. I got a cat from a shelter six months ago and ever since I've had him he sprays over the side of the litter box. I've got wooden floors and after it soaked in a few times nothing would get it out. I used some expensive odor control stuff from the pet store and a recipe on the internet with a vinegar base and both of them didn't work at all. I whipped up your formula and let it sit on the wood awhile. Afterwards, I did the sniff test and I was amazed. It really does work! I just wish my cat wouldn't spray so much though. He sprays over the side four or five times a day. I'm glad I finally got something that works. The room I kept the litter box in had a smell to it and had been that way for months. I was so embarrassed. I always keep a clean home, but couldn't get rid of that odor. Now, finally when I walk past that room I don't smell anything. You've got a great formula. Hats off to you and many thanks.
Name: JM Kavanagh
City,State: Deer Park, NY  
I found your website in desperation after our 13 year old (15 lb) cat urinated on our bed while we were sleeping in it - gross enough - but it was so much urine that it soaked through the bedding all over me and through the mattresss. (That was a nice wake up at 4 am!!) We tried Febreze, Lysol, laundry detergent, Resolve all to no avail. I went out and bought a steam cleaner - no luck. I went to the internet for answers - unwilling to face the glooming reality that we would have to replace our mattress - and I purchased your recipe. I made a small batch with the ingredients I had on hand to try it out. SUCCESS!!! I WAS THRILLED. There was a very noticeable improvement with just a small treatment, but it was late and I couldn't get out to the store to get more ingredients. I did sleep well (on the couch) knowing it would soon be taken care of the next day. In the morning rush to get everyone out of the house I ran upstairs to make sure the bed was clear and ready for treatment. I was followed by the dog (who normally is not allowed upstairs) and before I could turn around he was up on the mattress going all over the area the cat had been and than some. After work, we stocked up on enough supplies to treat the entire mattress. Thanks to your formula our mattress is as good as new. No hint of cat, dog or any other odor. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Name: J. Morse
City,State: Senecaville, OH
I have recently used your pet odor removal formula with great results! I have rental properties and buy depressed properties and have run into odor problems in the past and recently have had big problems at two locations. I had a renter move out after having a dog in the garage that urinated all over the concrete. I used 5 gallons of bleach and laundry detergent with some results. I mixed up 2 gallons of your formula in a sprayer and with one application the odor was gone. I purchased another home that had dog and cat urine soaked into the hardwood floors.The odor was unbelievable. I did the same thing to it after the curtains and rugs were burned with the same results! You have a great formula. I am impressed. Thank you!
Name: S. Ross
City,State: Las Cruces, NM   
Hi, Just an update to thank you for the formula. I used it on bare concrete and ceramic tile, and it did in fact help remove the odor from these areas. It also lightened and removed stains on the tile grout, which was a great help, since the tile and grout are brand new and I was upset about the damage. Since my surfaces were not absorbent surfaces like carpeting, I just scrubbed areas thoroughly with a toothbrush, and left it puddled on the surface, letting it air dry all day. Repeated the process the next two days. It will be nice to have a simple and affordable formula for future use. Thanks for offering it.
Name: D. Wood
City,State: St. Joseph, MN

I purchased your recipe a couple weeks ago. I just had to e-mail you and tell that your recipe was an honest to goodness Godsend. I have 10 cats ranging in age from 9 months to 14 years. All were rescued. They are all from varying backgrounds and some of them have health issues. One will be on medication for the rest of his life. This past winter I saved 3 more and found two of them homes. One of my most feral cats is sitting on my lap at this very moment. All 20+ pounds of him! A few months ago I took in two Ragdoll cats for friend to try to help her find a good home for them. Neither of these cats were altered. One was a male and the other female. They lived in our basement while we kept my 10 upstairs. Needless to say, my male cats went nuts. I was cleaning so many times a day that I was exhausted and stressed to the very end of my rope. I am VERY picky about my home and one of my biggest issues is that my house not smell. Well, it did - BIG TIME. No matter how hard I cleaned and no matter what I used I could not keep the odor away. That is until I found your recipe. I just can't say thank you enough for this recipe. You have honestly saved my sanity!

Name: C. Armstrong
City,State: Superior Twp. MI
I just tried out your formula on my concrete basement floor, on a particularly stinky spot, and the odor was on its way out within MINUTES. This formula rocks! I have tried numerous other products that promised to remove the stink, but nothing has worked until now. Thank you for making something that works!
Name: L. Webb 
City,State: West Plains, MO 
I want to RAVE about the cat odor eliminator formula. It was fantastic on my carpet. Also, my son had a nylon jacket liner that the new cat had urinated on, while he was gone for the weekend. This was on the floor in the back of the closet. When I found the jacket it was "soaked" with urine. I was going to throw it out. But I took a chance and soaked it in your formula for about 3 days. Washed it and air dried. NO odor not even a lingering one. THANK YOU. You have saved me a few hundred dollars in carpet and clothing.
Name: N. Ellison
City,State: Arlington, TX

I'll tell my story. I have been having to work longer hours than usual lately. I have a second story condo and couldn't figure where to let my little dog Mollie have a place to "go" during the day. Well, she finally got fed up the other day. I worked an 11 hour day (which means I was gone for 12+), had stripped the bed in the morning and put the sheets in to wash. When I came home, she had jumped on the bed and pooped right where my head goes, and she peed all over the mattress. After I stopped screaming, (2 year old bed), I cleaned it all up. I tried Lysol. I tried this specialty pet odor stuff. I tried Febreze. I tried this kitchen antibacterial stuff. I tried scrubbing it with antibacterial soap and a scrub brush....nothing worked. My whole bedroom smelled like pee!! I was panicking because I simply don't have money to replace the bed. So, desperate, I went online thinking surely there must be some homemade formula which would work. And I found you. I purchased the formula, got the ingredients, totally soaked the mattress with it, and slept on the couch for a couple of days, but it's gone. The odor is gone and I have my bedroom back.Thank you so much!! I can't tell you how relieved I am. I will refer many people to your website. Thank you, thank you. Did I say thank you?

Name: L. Herman
City,State: Ellison Bay, WI
I am pleased to say that it worked. I may do it again in the center, but it's 100% better. Thank you! The incident may have happened as long as 3 months ago, so you can definitely tell others that long time odors can be removed. Thanks again.
Name: N. Mimnaugh
City,State Luzerne, PA 
I wanted to let you know that I cleaned my carpet over the weekend and I am absolutely amazed at how well your recipe works! I have spent tons of money on products such as Urine Be Gone, Nature's Miracle and so on. Nothing has come close to your recipe. I applied the solution Friday evening, and by Sunday, the carpet was dry and odor free! I cannot say enough....thanks a million!
Name: R. Porter
City,State: Silver Spring, MD
My carpet has been saved! Thank you. I did the first application using mega amounts of the solution mixed in a bucket and distributed it as evenly as possible over a large area. I then let it sit overnight and used my carpet cleaner's extractor function to remove the excess the following day. I then reapplied a fresh batch of the recipe using the carpet cleaning machine. The carpet is dry now and it was the first day in months that I returned from work to a home without that foul urine odor. Your recipe is so simple to make and affordable. I love it!
Name: J. Davis
City,State: Key Largo, FL
It seems to have solved the problem. I had to use your recipe on the underside of the back of a couch (the deep seated area where the cushion meets the back) I have not done the sniff test lately to check, but the odor is not eminent. Thanks.
Name: N. Weinhardt
City,State: Glassboro, NJ
Thank you so much for the recipe. It worked great! I have an old cat who sometimes misses the litter box and your recipe worked getting rid of the odor. Thank you again!
Name: M. Morales
Just wanted to update you on the progress of my trying to remove the odor from my carpet. Our cat began urinating in my son's room approximately 6-7 weeks ago. I tried without success using Nature's Miracle and another cat odor eliminator. I purchased your recipe and used it several times. I felt it helped greatly. I also used it in my dining room on fresh urine and it completely removed the odor.
Name: R. Jones
City,State: Pearland, TX
Oh my gosh! This stuff is awesome. I have used all those ingredients at one time or another individually, but never together. I am still in shock on how well it worked. I was using it on carpet pet stains that are a year or more imbedded in the carpet and I have no more odor! I wish I would have found your site a few hundred dollars ago.

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