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Pet Urine In Carpets

Pet urine is a serious problem when it absorbs into your carpets, sofas, and floors. The odor and bacteria can cause heath related risks if not located and properly treated. If the odor is not located and treated within a few days your pet will repeatedly use that area multiple times. Each time your pet returns to the same area the urine penetrates deeper and deeper into the carpet fibers, padding and sub floor. On sofas, chairs, and mattresses urine easily absorbs into the foam padding and seat cushions of your furniture.

What you decide to do next can ultimately impact your financial security for years to come. The wrong decision can cost you a small fortune as your frantic search directs you from cleaning product A to cleaning product Z. When you're done trying all of the enzymes, shampoos, powders, sprays, and professional cleaners you will undoubtedly have incurred thousands of dollars of expenses. Your only choice after all of those products failed you is to replace the carpet, sofa, floor, chair, mattress, and furniture. If your credit cards aren't maxed out by now they soon will be as you shop to replace all of the carpet and furniture in your home. Don't let the wrong decision lead you further and further into debt.

Others may claim to remove cat urine odors with their odor be gone products, but they can only eliminate the ammonia odor which is produced during the first layer of decay.  A second layer of decay produces mercaptans which contain the REAL odor in pet urine. The unique process used in the formula is the ONLY method for removing and eliminating both the ammonia and mercaptans.

Enzyme products are very costly and labor intensive. You can spend an entire day treating one area with very limited or no results at all. Powders are useless because there is absolutely no way they can get all the way down into the carpet pad. Shampoos and sprays are also not effective because they don't react with the mercaptans; they only mask the smell for a short time.

The cost of those other products are nearly five to ten times more expensive than the Pet Odor Eliminator Formula and that's not including the shipping charges. As a matter of fact, my formula is less expensive than most of their shipping charges. In effect, you're paying five to ten times as much for those odor be gone products AND they only do half the job.

But do you want to know the best thing about the Pet Odor Eliminator Formula ? It's the fact that you only have to buy it just one time. Once you buy the formula you'll NEVER have to buy it again. That means you're going to save hundreds of dollars each year. With all those other odor be gone products you have to keep continuously buying them over and over and over again.

Did you ever read any testimonials from those other products? Do they even have any testimonials? Why do you suppose my Pet Odor Eliminator Formula has the most testimonials compared to any other product? Because it works the BEST !!!!

Don't be fooled into thinking you're getting more for your money with those other products. You can spend up to hundreds of dollars for those other products with little or minimal results. The formula, by itself, will save you hundreds of dollars each year.