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The success of the pet urine odor remover formula/recipe has produced thousands of unsolicited testimonials. Unfortunately, it is not possible to list them all, but the testimonial pages are periodically updated to allow other customers the opportunity to share their stories. This list currently represents approximately 200 of the nearly 2,730 comments that have been received.


Name: J. Dagg

City,State: Crystal Lake, IL


To report back on the performance of the formula I purchased from you to neutralize the odor of cat urine I only have to use two words - It WORKS !!!

Now - read "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to say.

I have over the years purchased just about every label claiming to eliminate pet odor sold by the neighborhood pet store. Enzymes, pheromone treatment, this and that "special ingredient", etc. Some worked better than others but absolutely NONE of them worked as well as yours has. Many of the store-bought products left the area treated smelling worse than what I was trying to get rid of due to the "cheap perfume" smell many manufacturers add to their products.

So "came the skeptic" to this offer to sell me a formula that was going to work in removing the odor of cat urine where nothing else had. Thus when I actually received the email after sending the money and saw the formula - my FIRST reaction was "...yeah right...another "perfect roach killer" (two blocks of wood, place the roach between them and mash)". But - I really didn't want to go to the pet store and buy one of the commercial products so I decided what the heck - I might as well give it a try. 

My 21 pound Chartreux cat had slipped past me and became locked in the basement overnight. Reacting next morning to him scratching at the door I was literally knocked over by the stench of urine when I opened it and he scampered out. I thought "Oh NO...this is going to be a real problem because of how staircase treads are constructed. 

So - I purchased the ingredients emailed after my payment was received, and set about mixing them according to the instructions (and mixed a gallon because of the number of steps involved, the thickness of the carpet and pad. I then carefully poured the mixture over the entire surface of each stair - being sure to THOROUGHLY saturate each step - closed the door and went to sleep for the night. 

Dreading the opening of the basement door the next morning - I was simply amazed that your formula had actually worked and no odor was present - not even when I stepped  down on each stair (later after all had thoroughly dried). 

Here now a week later - still ZERO ODOR!! 

I highly recommend every cat (or dog) owner whose pet has loaded up an area with their "elimination" (urine or feces) plus all the skeptics out there to give this a try. After mixing and applying the required ingredients - like others who have written in to praise the results they have experienced - you will not be purchasing any more commercial products from your local pet store - saving as the result a ton of money as well as achieving far better performance in achieving the desired goal of odor elimination.
Name: M. Earley
City,State: Athens, PA
I had tried for two years to get the smell of dog urine out of our carpet with extremely limited success. We had tried everything under the sun and instead of getting results we wound up spending a lot of money. Some products seemed to work, but on a humid day the odors would seep up from the carpet with a vengeance. So, one day while contemplating replacing the carpet in our living room, dining room and foyer my wife and I decided to give it one last chance. We found your website and read every testimonial. We had tried home-brew recipes before and only achieved wet, musty carpet. I said, "What the heck", but immediately felt remorse after I clicked on PayPal button to buy it. I thought we were doomed to a lifetime of rank carpet.

After you e-mailed the recipe, we mixed up a batch and applied it to our carpet. Mind you, some of these stains were two years old and had been repeatedly visited by our two dogs. We crossed our fingers, but had the carpet installers on standby just in case. Well, hours after we applied it, we could immediately tell the difference when we walked in the front door. We were amazed! After letting it dry completely for three days there was no odor in the house! We could not believe it. Some of the older spots required two treatments, but who cares! It was well worth the cost compared to products that were 10-15 times as much money and did absolutely nothing.

In closing, your recipe has saved three rooms worth of carpet, the lives of two otherwise good dogs and lastly, the horrible embarrassment of having company coming over to a nice, clean house that smelled like dog urine. Your recipe truly is the best and I hope everyone that reads this, who might be a little wary like I was, decides to try your recipe. They won't be disappointed.

Name: M. Hobbs
City,State: Slocomb, AL
Several weeks ago, I ordered your pet urine elimination formula. Your service was very good, but at that time, I have to admit I had not used it myself (just lazy, I guess). Anyway, today I tried it and I was amazed. We have two small dogs who never get to go outside. Needless to say, we have urine in our carpet. My daughter and I live together and she is disabled and I am getting older and not able to chase after the dogs, so we have lots of accidents, although they are trained to potty pads. Anyway, I am so amazed and pleased I don't know what to say. The hallway where they usually have their accidents smells so clean and fresh. I can never say thank you enough!
Name: K. Adams
City,State: Martin, TN
The recipe is a miracle! My carpet was HORRIBLE as I have an elderly incontinent small dog, a puppy, and have had many foster dogs through here, so altogether we have 4 dogs and 1 cat right now.

Not only is the odor gone from the spots I have treated so far, but the stains are gone, too. I am going to try it in my carpet cleaning machine next, and I am sure that will work well also.

As far as the cost goes, this recipe is amazing. I am used to spending $25.00 or more on the commercial solutions PER ROOM. And, obviously they didn't work as I am doing them over with your recipe. Thanks so much.

Name: R. St Martin
City,State: Jacksonville, FL
Thank you so much! Your formula has done wonders to my apartment. My husband took in a pregnant stray cat about a year ago. She gave birth to 4 kittens. You can imagine what it was like with five cats in a small two bedroom apartment. I had a very difficult time litter training them. We had many stains in the carpet, but what was worse was the stench in my apartment. I was so embarrassed to have people come over, the smell was that bad. I tried several store bought solutions to no avail. I even tried some home remedies which also did not work. They would only mask the odor for short while. I was becoming desperate to have a nice, clean smelling apartment again. I looked up pet odor removers on the internet and came across your website. I must confess that I thought this was a scam, but at that moment I was going to try anything. I sat in anticipation waiting for the e-mail to arrive. When it did, I bought the necessary ingredients, ran home and started mixing up the formula. I asked my husband the other day "Does it smell nice in here?" and he told me that it smelled great! I was overjoyed. THANK YOU so much!  I can't express my gratitude enough. This is one formula worth spending the money on.
Name: T. Holen
City,State Beaumont, CA
I just want to let you know that I tried the recipe for the cat urine. I never thought that it would really work. I was reading the testimonials and the one that sold me was the comment along the terms my only choice was to replace my carpet for $2000.00 and I didn't have to because of your recipe.

IT WORKS!!!! I followed the directions exactly the way you explained how to mix it. I saturated the urine areas and let it soak for 2 days. Now, we don't smell a thing. My next step is to use this in my steam cleaner when I need to clean the carpets. This is definitely by far the best recipe for dog and cat urine around. The best part is it hardly cost a thing. I can't tell you enough THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!

Name: H. Monroe
Hi, I have tried the recipe many times in my home and I think it will save my carpet. I am in the process of selling my home and wiped all the furniture down with this recipe plus used it in my carpet cleaner. Unfortunately for me is that a lot of my "smell" was from other cats that came in my cat door and sprayed. As soon as I have all the furniture out, I will do it again. In my new home I will not have many cat doors and can clean immediately should any  "accidents" happen. Thanks again. 
Name: G. Banks
City,State: Ann Arbor, MI
My problem was different than most peoples pet odor problems. The owners of the house we just moved into had a dog, not that that is a problem, only that the carpet had that "DOG" smell. The odor wasn't from one spot, but the whole floor. I have a Kirby vacuum with the shampooer attachment. So I mixed the formula according to the instructions and added it to the Kirby carpet cleaner attachment. I shampooed the entire floor. The end result is I'm able to lie on the carpet and not smell their dog anymore.
Name: D. Johnson
City,State: Mayville, NY 
I used the formula on an old urine soaked area I never knew my dog had made. It completely removed the odor! Thanks a million.  
Name: J. Welch
City,State: Saint George, UT 
Just wanted you to know that I used your formula on an area over a year old that I have used every pet store product on, professional product on, carpet cleaner. Febreze and bleach....nothing worked. After one application 3 days ago, the odor is almost completely gone. I think after one more treatment, I have finally won the battle. Thank you so much!
Name: C. Sullivan
City,State: Medina, OH
I just wanted to let you know that I have tried your formula and it works great! I run a cat rescue and have 11 currently living in our house and we had some very old stains that were set deep into our carpet. With the first application the smell was almost gone, and after the second, it was completely eliminated. Thank you so much for this formula!
Name: P. Dorsey
City,State: Sarepta, LA
Okay, I had a knife ready to cut my living room carpet into pieces - I was that desperate. I just couldn't live with the odor any longer. Your formula worked! I am going tomorrow to buy enough ingredients to shampoo the entire room. Wish I could make the other problems in my life disappear so easily!
Name: K.Stoneman
City,State: Ashtabula, OH
I had to let you know how this recipe worked. We bought new carpet last October. Well, our cat sprayed in three of four corners of our living room (he's fixed, too). We tried everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - out there before going to your site. My husband said - what the heck, it's less than ten bucks - so we got the formula. We cleared the living room and treated the area on Saturday, and we all couldn't be happier! This is the miracle we were looking for. Now, the cat stays in the basement unless we are home to watch him. This is truly a wonder that we found you!
Name: T. Nation
City,State: Garland, TX 
This stuff is great. My son's cat used the cabinet all under the kitchen sink. I used everything, vinegar and water mixture, bottles of Febreze, and the smell would not go away. It was horrible. I just mixed your recipe and within less than a half hour I noticed the smell was going away. Thank you.
Name: M. Hadady
City,State: Albuquerque, NM  
WOW! We were thinking we'd have to rip up our carpet and pad, but your recipe really helped us. We've never had this problem with a cat before, so we had tried shampooing and using commercial enzyme odor eaters without success. We were getting desperate. We used your recipe and it worked wonders.
Name: N. Harryman
City,State: Voorhees, NJ
WOW! What an amazing formula. The first thing I did this morning was to check my e-mails for the formula. Hooray,  it's here. Even though we did have all the ingredients on hand they were old and I wanted fresh. This may or may not have affected the results, but I wanted everything new.

My situation was that our 12 yr old cat, for reasons unknown to us, decided to start using a portion of our carpet instead of his litter box, which was only a few feet away. As before, I turned to Nature's Miracle and treated the area using the Queen of Clean method and covering the area up with plastic for 24 hrs so the enzymes were able to do their job. After that time elapsed and I removed the plastic the smell was even worse, but they say the smell doesn't go away until the area completely dries. I realize now that this is NOT the reason for the persistent smell. I don't know why I even tried this again because about a year ago I had a problem in the same room with my dog soiling in a different area. I used Nature's Miracle, had a professional carpet cleaner treat the area and still the odor persisted and the dog continued to soil the area. The end result was we had to replace a 6 month old carpet. So two carpets later and $1,600.00 later we had a clean smelling room and then the cat!! Uuhh, my husband and I were furious at the prospect of having to replace even a portion of the carpeting with tile or something.

Finally, it dawned on me to go online and do a search because I knew other people must have similar problems and there just had to be a solution. Most of the stuff I first looked at was similar to Nature's Miracle and then I came across your website and started reading. The thing that caught my attention was the process of urine decay and the two kinds of odors it produces (ammonia and mercaptans) and how your formula eliminates both these disgusting odors that are so frustratingly hard to get rid of. The entire explanation I read on your website made perfect sense to me and scientifically explained why the other products, carpet cleanings could not get rid of all the smell.

As recommended, I searched for the central location of the odor. However, my smelly area was about 2' x 2'. I immediately saw upon application where the urine was because the reaction was so great and turned white and bubbly. Within 60 seconds the secondary areas of the carpet were odor free and CLEAN smelling! Even as I write this to you the chemical reaction on the central urine location is still making bubbling noise. It is great! It is working!

I have never been so happy with a product in my life. I can say with utmost confidence that I don't even care if the cat, dog or puppy pee or poop in my house again, although I will discourage it completely. Now that I have your formula I am 100% positive I can eliminate the odor. Thank you a 1000 times!

Name: T. Dudzick
You've done it! You've created a miracle formula! I was so sick about having my favorite (and EXPENSIVE) easy chair ruined with cat urine odor. But you saved it. What I was most worried about was that I had already applied two chemical treatments to the chair, both of which failed to remove the odor. I was afraid that I had altered the chemical makeup of the urine and that your formula would then be ineffective. But no so. The odor is gone. You've done a wonderful thing for cat owners. Thank you so much!
Name: N. Woodall
City,State: Clarksville, TN
I cannot believe how much money I have spent on cat urine cleaners before I found your formula. I couldn't understand why they weren't working. I was dumping those "enzyme" cleaners on the urine areas and nothing was happening. Those cleaners were making the urine spread out onto more areas of the carpet and leaving a funky smell mixed in with cat urine. Ugggh!

I found your website and the read the comments from other customers. One customer's cat had urinated on her mattress and she used your formula and got the odor out. Amazing! I had to take a chance and order your formula immediately. Once I bought a couple of the ingredients and prepared the formula (which was a breeze) I poured in on the areas needing treatment and wow! I couldn't smell the urine anymore. Needless to say, I slept better that night knowing I had something that worked.

I did not want to get rid of my cat because she had a couple of accidents. And the funny thing is, now my cat seems happier since I have cleaned those spots with your formula. No more urine spots left. I even use it to clean up around her litter box which is on tile floor. I can wash her litter box down with the formula before putting in clean litter. Cats really are particular about how clean their environment is. We're all happy now! Thanks so much!

Name: P. Douglas
City,State: Mora, MN 
Hi, I would like to tell you that your recipe actually works. I was a bit skeptical, but I had cat urine smells from a previous cat - pretty bad!! I have only given it one application and the smell is almost gone in one place and completely gone in others. Thank you so much for this miracle potion.
Name: C. Gruver
City,State Des Moines, IA
I had bought your formula and received the e-mail on Sunday. I bought the ingredients and applied it to my carpets. Your formula works beautifully. My cat doesn't have a problem like your cat in not wanting to use the litter box. He had a UTI and my vet said that a cat will stop using their litter box because they associate the pain when they pee with the location. So they will try another (like towels on the floor or you guessed it - our carpets). Your formula has been a life saver because I don't own my home. I am renting. I am in the process of buying a home and now that I found a formula that really works I won't have to deal with all those other chemicals that don't work. All they do is mask the smell for a week or two and then the stink is back. Once your formula is applied to the urine spot the smell starts to disappear. I have tried to get rid of the odor for weeks, even months with no luck. Your formula works even on month old urine spots. Thanks again for offering the formula for people to buy. It will now make my life easier and I can spend the extra money that I was using to get rid of the smell on my precious family member who was causing the problem. Like you, I love my cat very much and believe that he is my responsibility and would never get rid of him. I just wanted to eliminate the problem and your formula has done that for me.

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