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Name: C. Daloia
City,State: Schiller Park, IL
Just wanted to tell you this formula is wonderful. My cat made my extra bedroom the place to relieve herself and it wasn't for a few days before I figured she was not using her litter box. I could barely enter the room the smell was so horrible. I had tried a combination of products I had on hand, but it wasn't doing anything. After looking all over the internet for a solution and almost buying a product that would have cost me about $70.00, I came across your site. I have treated the areas and there is no odor when I walk into the room. I have crawled around with my nose to the rug and so far every spot has no odor. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This is like a miracle. Thanks for sharing and at this fabulous price. It is worth every penny. I know I have invested about 3x this on various other products.
Name: E. Jackson
I have used the remedy recently and have found it to be successful in eliminating the pet odors. We have a male cat who insists on marking his territory when he comes in because of the one that is in the house all the time. He comes and goes as if he owns the world, and does get along with the other male we have, but insists on letting him know he is still the king around here! Thanks for letting me know about this as it is a great thing to use.
Name: J. Pachniuk
City,State: Lorain, OH
Just wanted to let you know I tried the elimination remover. I am so happy. I was spending money like crazy at the pet store for different products. Some were $20.00 a gallon. Thanks so much.
Name: M. Roehner
City,State: Bella Vista, AR  
Well, I simply cannot tell you how thrilled we are with your odor removal formula! We never thought it would work. We had tried other methods and were seriously considering having at least one room of the house recarpeted - and our house is not even a year old, but your formula did the trick. Took ALL the odor out of that horrible room. I had gotten to the place where I could not go in there, to say nothing of staying in there because of the "indiscretions" of our precious little puppy. So we tried your formula. What a happy day for us! We could tell a difference right away, but as we were getting ready to go out of town for a few days, we thought, well, we'll see how it works when the house is shut up and the air conditioner turned up a little higher with all this humidity outside that we're having. When we came home, the first thing I did was head for the subject room to see how it smelled. Voila!! Wonderful!! Fresh and clean! Even with being shut up all that time. It's been almost a month now, and it is still odor free. Well, as I say, we still can hardly believe it, but we are thrilled and do thank you so much. You certainly have saved a lot of people like us a lot of money. A real added plus - since the odor is gone our dog doesn't "go potty" in there anymore!
Name: T. Jue
City,State: West Conshohocken, PA
I can confirm that your formula removes old urine odors. I just used it to remove 8+ month old urine that was well embedded in the carpet. They were large patches that spanned the entire closet and in all four corners of the room. All of the smell has been neutralized. This was after spending 10+ hours on a Saturday shampooing and steaming the carpet to no avail.
Name: J. Horton
City,State: Rochester, IN
You saved my house. I can't believe how fast it takes the smell away, and for the old spots it took those right up!! Your formula is a life saver. Thanks you so much.
Name: K. Mathews
City,State: Birmingham, AL 
$2000 new carpet + cat urine = disaster. This formula = Miracle! It works! I have two cats and for some unknown reason one of them decided to "go" on my new carpet. The odor was horrible. I went to the pet supply store and bought a product called "Simple Solutions." It helped, but it didn't get rid of the smell. Three days had passed and we were keeping the room with the smell shut off from the rest of the house with a fan blowing out a window. Almost immediately after applying the formula the odor dissipated. By the time it was dry there was NO SMELL, not even when I got down and put my nose into the carpet. It has been about a week now and we still are ODOR FREE !
Name: L. Nemeth
City,State: Bedford, OH
Awesome product! I can't believe the amazing results!
Name: L. Bounds
City,State: Decatur, GA   
I can't begin to tell you how much $$ I have spent on cat odor products that don't work. I have four cats, three of whom are over 15 years old. Numerous applications of Nature's Miracle only took care of the ammonia smell as you note and the cats continued to return to the same spot(s) and "mark" them again. A fabulous formula! Purchase and breathe easy again! Thanks!
Name: P. Pisciotta
City,State: Kansas City, MO
This formula exceeded our expectations in how quickly it eliminated cat urine odor. In 24 hours, the odor was gone from the room. In less than 48 hours, it was gone from the carpet - yes I stuck my nose in the carpet to see if what I "didn't smell" in the room was truly gone. Like so many other cat lovers with urine odor problems, we tried every solution possible, sometimes again and again. By chance I found you website. I can't say thank you enough for providing this easy to use, inexpensive, and totally effective solution.
Name: C. Armstrong
City,State: Superior Twp. MI
I just tried out your formula on my concrete basement floor, on a particularly stinky spot, and the odor was on its way out within MINUTES. This formula rocks! I have tried numerous other products that promised to remove the stink, but nothing has worked until now. Thank you for making something that works!
Name: J. Governor
City,State: Boston, MA 
I wanted to let you know that your formula worked wonders. I have a cat who has left his mark in many spots, but it took the odor out of all of them - even on wood and linoleum floors. I am hoping he will break this habit, but if not at least I now have something that works. Thank you!
Name: J. Wimer
City,State: Quarryville, PA
Just wanted to let you know this stuff is GREAT ! I had done my basement into a family/rec room and I had two cats that did their business down there when we first moved here 3 years ago. Nothing took the odor away. This morning I got up and applied the solution; you can actually smell and hear it working right away. My husband came home from work hours later and he couldn't smell the odor. If he can't smell anything I know it worked. Now I will be able to enjoy this room as I always envisioned it. Thank you so much!
Name: C. Budny
City,State: Albuquerque, NM
Professional cleaning did not work. This product is a miracle cure to cat urine.
Name: K. Brutsche
City,State Battle Creek, MI
I finally got around to using your formula and I can't believe that something so simple and inexpensive worked! I am sold. I think I spent hundreds of dollars on different solutions and nothing has ever worked. I am very grateful. I even used it on a brand new loveseat that was piddled on and it worked on that too. I and my three felines are breathing a lot easier now.
Name: E. Anfimova
City,State: Austin, TX
I work at Petsmart and I've tried everything in the stain and odor removing aisle. Your formula beats the snot out of Nature's Miracle. My apartment smells so good that you wouldn't know I have 3 dogs and 3 cats. I am also moving out in a month, so now I don't have to replace the carpet because it looks and smells brand new. Thank you so much!
Name: B. King
City,State: Key Largo, FL
It seems to have solved the problem. I had to use your recipe on the underside of the back of a couch (the deep seated area where the cushion meets the back) I have not done the sniff test lately to check, but the odor is not eminent. Thanks.
Name: N. Weinhardt
City,State: New Orleans, LA
Thanks so much! I have already made some and put it on the carpet and it has diminished the odor to almost nothing. This particular spot had been used many times over a period of time. With 3 dogs and 5 cats, I was willing to try anything to deal with the odors from repeated accidents. I worked as a vet technician for ten years and I know just from a small test if a product is going to work and this truly does remove the odor.
Name: J. Costa
City,State: Virginia Beach, VA
I tried the formula tonight and it worked GREAT ! I can't believe it. I am shocked that I finally found something. I have tried so many things only to be let down including all of the so called enzyme treatments. I truly can't thank you enough. I can actually smell my Christmas tree tonight!
Name: C. Beyer
City,State: Spencerport, NY
I just wanted you to know that one application took care of two spots of cat urine in our rugs. One spot was three months old and the other was over a year old. We tried shampooing, Febreze and other professional odor eliminators and all kinds of stuff with no real effect. After one application my hallway doesn't smell anymore! Thanks again!

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