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Name: K. Gross
City,State: Alliance, OH
A year ago my spayed female cats decided to start having a spraying war. My house has gotten smellier and smellier. I would hold my breath when I'd walk in the door. I was to the point of being embarrassed to have anyone over, and my husband was on the verge of felinicide. The rising humidity was only making it worse, too. I was getting ready to buy some more stuff that really didn't work (and one made our house smell like a roadside rest area) when I saw your formula. I figured if it didn't work, I really wasn't out much. The store stuff costs as much if not more, and it doesn't work either. Two days ago, I applied your formula for the first time. Tonight, I did the second application. What a difference! I can sit or stand in areas that used to reek and now I don't smell a thing. I am so pleased with the results. I am so glad I gave the Eliminator a chance!
Name: P. Marzulli
City,State: Newark, DE
This stuff works great! We just paid a professional rug cleaner $80.00 to "clean" a white rug that our cats were peeing on. It had several dark yellow stains that stunk to high heaven. We may as well have tossed that money in the trash because there was no difference after he cleaned it.  I wish we would have seen your stuff first. We were only hoping to remove the odor, but it has lightened the stains considerably! Between what we paid you to get the formula and what we paid for the materials to make it, I think it cost under $10.00 for the whole thing! And it worked 100 times better than the so-called professionals. Thanks for sharing it.
Name: J. Howard
City,State: Watkinsville, GA
I used your formula and was shocked that it really did work. Thanks. Don't know how you figured it out but way to go! It worked great. Thanks again.
Name: S. Hackett
City,State: Cary, NC
I tried the odor eliminator and that formula works just great. I put it in my spot remover and it worked just fine. Now when my best two friends make a booboo I can clean up with confidence. I'm so glad I started shopping on the internet or I might not have found such a great product.
Name: R. Reynolds
City,State: Neodesha, KS
I had a big spot of dog urine in my living room. I had the spot steam cleaned which smelled OK until his clearing smell disappeared. I was frantic, afraid I was going to have to cut out a piece of carpet and have it repaired, but I got your formula last night and mixed it up. Immediately I could tell the odor was disappearing. It is unbelievable - the odor had been there over a week. Thank you so much for the formula. Now I can have my old dog back in the house and not worry. It wasn't his fault - he was dancing and wanted out and I just didn't catch on. Thanks again!
Name: A. Whaley
City,State: Knoxville, TN
Thanks again for such a wonderful secret to removing pet odors. We have a rental home and the previous tenants were not supposed to have pets inside. However, they moved without notice leaving 6 cats in the house and we did not realize this until about a week later when we went to collect rent. The smell as you could imagine just made us absolutely sick. We tried every product on the market and no help. Thanks to your help, the smell is completely gone and with only one application. The cats had also urinated in the air vents so I poured a little of this in each vent duct as well as the return. You would not believe the difference it has made. My house now smelled like a fresh after rain April day. It is WONDERFUL. By the way, the cats were rescued and all of them were taken to the cat rescue and have been happily adopted. Thanks again.
Name: D. Cannon
I have to admit, after reading the simple ingredients and instructions I was a little skeptical, but it really does work. Unfortunately, I'm living with a cat from hell. As soon as I deodorize one spot, he does it in a new one! My oldest daughter found a cute little pure black kitten wandering around the Taco Bell in a nearby town... so dear little spawn of satan, Taco, came to live with us. I am not a cat person. I told my kids and my husband to find him another home, that no matter how many times you change the litter box, cats stink. We couldn't find another home for him and our little Japanese Chin dog, Furby, became attached to Taco. The new improved cat litter they make nowadays seemed to be keeping us stink free. So I came to tolerate the cat. I kept warning my husband to have him fixed before he started spraying, but he kept putting in off. Then one day I walked into my 17 yr. old daughter's room to get her dirty clothes and I smelled it!!!! Right on her leopard bedspread. He has since marked his territory on everyone's bed but mine and on several spots on the carpet throughout the house. I said Taco has to go. Even though my daughter is worried that she will be going to her senior prom in a gown smelling of cat pee, she said if we got rid of the cat, she was moving out. (plus Furby would be devasted). My husband took Taco to the vet this morning for his neutering appointment. Thank you for the formula, it really does neutralize the odor... now if this stupid cat will cooperate and just stop peeing on everything after he's fixed, we'll be fine." 
Name: J. Clark
City,State: Effort, PA
Hi! You have one happy customer here. Let me explain, my Shepherd had a intestinal virus and pooped all over the carpet. I bought 4 bottles of Nature's Miracle ($34.00). No good, smell was so bad I could hardly watch TV. I got your formula and mixed it up as per your instructions and the results were good. This odor was maybe 3 weeks old. I did this twice and now no more odor and no more stain. Thank you very much!
Name: R. Ware
City,State: Whiteman Air Force Base, MO
I ordered your formula for removing pet odors. I had tried about everything else. Your formula took away odors that I have had for months. I couldn't believe how well it worked! My house smells so much better! I am really glad I found your website and ordered from you." 
Name: J. Angelo
City,State: Highland Park, Il 
I tried several other odor removers from shampoos to enzymes. They only work for a while and usually just mask the odor. Eventually, the smell returns and I'm back spending more money. Your formula has already saved my cats and household - not to mention a whole lot of money. This formula is so inexpensive to make I'm literally going to save hundreds of dollars. 
Name: G. McCarter
City,State: Middlebrook, MO
I have 13 inside cats. This formula really works. Very happy. Thanks alot.
Name: S. Seiler
City,State: Kansas City, Mo
I purchased your formula last month and I wanted to give you an update. I moved into a house with a basement with HORRIBLE urine stains and smells. When I used a blacklight the entire carpet lit up with spots. The stains are at least 2 years old. I've found that your formula definitely makes the smell go away. Thus, I am extremely pleased. 
Name: E. Patterson
City,State: East Peoria, IL
SUPER formula!! A life saver. Thanks!
Name: P. Elia
City,State Greenlawn, NY
Miraculous ! I tried everything. This is the ONLY thing that worked! Thank you !
Name: D. Marchal
My cat had his box moved for three days while a new furnace was being put in and he decided he liked the carpet. It is the only  thing that took the smell out completely!
Name: K. Kruseski
City,State: Del Mar, CA  
Beats anything...Takes out even dried urine smells.
Name: A. Case  
City,State: Fort Gratiot, MI
Just a quick note to let you know that the formula worked wonders on an old area that I didn't know was happening until it was too late. I am absolutely thrilled with what this has done for the "bad spot" in my home. This hopefully has saved my cat from going to the greater skies above!! Nice to have company come in again and not be embarrassed by the odors that were coming out of the carpets. I am ever so grateful for your quick response to my most urgent need to save my carpet and cat. Thanks again!
 Name: L. Thomas
City,State: Kansas City, KS
I just wanted to let you know that this stuff is amazing!!! I am so impressed this works on old stains as well. We had a rather large area that had an old stain and nothing else worked. We put the solution in our carpet cleaner and it smells soooooo much better!!! Thank you.
Name: A. Stotesbury
City,State: Charleston, NC
I am writing to tell you how absolutely amazed I am at how well your product worked at removing the very strong cat urine smell. I have tried so many products, but the smell always comes back! Thank you so much for your amazing invention! It's so simple and it WORKS!
Name: C. Bedzeti
City,State: Monroe, WI
Finally got the stuff made. Was too busy with work and all, but tried it and really pleased with the results. Nice to finally find something that works. Thanks much.

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