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Frequently Asked Questions, Expert Advice and Tips

How do I locate the urine areas?

There are two methods for determining the location of urine odors in your home. The first method which has become widely accepted in recent years is the use of a UV blacklight. The best way to use a blacklight is in a dimly lit or dark room as this accentuates the fluorescence of the urine. You can double check the location of the blacklighted area using the second method which isn’t as technologically innovative, but is usually more effective. It’s the utilization of your nose to detect the smell. As unpleasant as it might seem, it really is the best way to locate and confirm the exact area of the urine odors.

Are there certain areas or preferred locations I should check first?

Yes, pets do have their own preferential areas they like to target, but the main differences are the sexual orientation of the pet. Male pets prefer urinating on furniture legs, doors, walls, and the sides of sofas and couches. Female perpetrators are more likely to use open areas of carpet, wood and tile floors. Sofas, mattresses, and clothing left on floors are also favorite targets.

Will the formula work on cat spray?

Yes, it will remove cat spray from vertical surfaces including walls, baseboards, furniture, patio windows and doors.

Is the formula safe for my pet?

Yes. Unlike other cleaners and enzyme products, the formula doesn’t contain any bleach, solvents or harsh chemicals. It’s completely odorless and colorless.

What advice can you provide about things to avoid when dealing with urine odors?

Two things to avoid when dealing with pet urine odors is never use ammonia and do not steam clean your carpet before the urine odor is eliminated. Using ammonia will make the odor worse and will attract your pet to that area where more than likely they will urinate again. Steam cleaning a carpet before removing the urine odor can set the odor in the carpet fibers.

What if I did use ammonia and/or steam cleaned my carpet beforehand. Will your formula still work?

Absolutely, the formula has been extensively tested to remove pet urine odors especially after other products and methods were used in the past.

Will the formula remove urine odors from outdoor dog runs?

Yes, it’s the perfect solution for dog owners to use outdoors on dirt, grass, concrete, gravel, artificial turf and kennels.

Where else can I use the formula outdoors?

In addition to the areas listed above, the formula also works on decks, patios, (including chairs and furniture), porches, flower boxes and most plants and shrubs.

When searching for urine odors what is your best advice?

Without a doubt it would be never assume there is only one spot or area. Urine odor is strongest and most pungent after it’s dried, but many times the odor goes unnoticed because it’s in another room that is used less frequently such as a spare bedroom, especially closets and under or behind beds. Basements are also areas where urine odors can go undetected if they are not used or visited regularly.

How does your money back guarantee program work?

If you’re not satisfied with the results of the formula, we recommend contacting us first so we can assist in troubleshooting any problems before processing your request. After all efforts have been made to resolve the problem, your refund will be processed via PayPal.

Can I use the formula on oriental and Persian rugs?

We don’t recommend using the formula primarily because it may not be color safe and compatible with the dyes used in the manufacturing process.

Will the formula remove the stain associated with the pet urine?

Although the formula is designed and formulated to remove pet urine odors, it does have stain removing properties as well.

Will the formula work on leather?

It is effective on most types the leather. However, it should be used sparingly and wiped off after a short period of time to reduce the risk of damage.

What kind of tips and cleaning advice can you provide that may prevent or deter my pet from urinating on the carpet and rug?

Vacuuming your carpet is a good housecleaning method that should be done on a regular basis. However, if you unknowingly vacuum your carpet over an untreated urine area, the rotating brushes which are designed to clean your carpet may actually be spreading the urine and bacteria over the entire carpet. Before vacuuming, turn your vacuum cleaner over and smell the brushes for any trace of urine odor. If so, spray the brushes with the formula to remove the odor and prevent the spread of urine and bacteria in your carpets and rugs.

Can I use the formula in a carpet cleaning machine?

Yes, it may be used in carpet cleaning machines to treat large areas and entire rooms. Do not dilute with water as this will greatly diminish the effectiveness of the formula.

What other cleaning advice and tips can you provide?

Like vacuuming, sweeping your floors should also be done regularly. However, this poses the same risk of spreading the bacteria and odor as vacuuming. Sweeping a floor with a broom over an unsuspected area or corner which is contaminated with wet, partly dried or already crystallized urine will spread the bacteria over the entire floor. Inspect your broom before using and spray with the formula if you detect any trace of urine odors.

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