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Name: M. Wood
City,State: Plantation, FL
I just wanted to take a moment and give the feedback on my experience with your formula. Our cat was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, so this behavior is not normal at all. We've had her for 8 years. We treated the spots on our $2,000.00 rug with your formula. It took two treatments, but "to our nose" it seemed we had found the perfect stuff.
Name: A. Boren
City,State: Deer Park, TX
Your formula TOTALLY removes the odor from OLD urine spots! I poured the formula on the spots that I knew where I had tried to clean before and the smell is gone. Thanks!
Name: C. Gaskins
City,State: Sullivan, IN
I purchased your formula last Sunday and I wanted you to know it worked wonderfully! My 4 small dogs had been marking for quite some time on my bedroom carpet and it got to a place where my air purifier with an ionizer and UV light didn't remove the smell from the air even after closing the door to let the ionizer work. These urine spots had been there a while, so now you know your formula works for older stains as well. I poured quite a bit on the areas of odor and let them sit until the next evening, then I used my carpet cleaner and went over it again. So far, my dogs haven't marked again and all is well at our house.
Name: M. Goolsby
City,State: Dallas, TX
I was really skeptical when I first found your website. Surely, this could not work for what I needed it for. But I spent the money of the recipe anyways.

I just bought an area rug from someone online. When I got it there was a overwhelming smell of cat urine on the rug....the whole 5'3 X 7'5 rug. I only spent $35.00 on the rug, but I was terribly disappointed and I was sure I'd have to throw it away.

I decided to try out this recipe of yours...why not, doesn't hurt to try it. So I made up a batch and totally drenched the entire carpet, front and back and let it dry. After three days hanging on the balcony, it was finally dry. I timidly leaned down and smelled... and the odor was gone! I could not believe it! I vacuumed the rug and placed it in my new house and could not be any happier.

Name: L. Greer
City,State: Austin, TX
I wanted to tell you how well your formula works. The odors are gone. Someone let their cat use an area in the living room on a very nice berber carpet. The odor was unbearable. The stains are gone also. Thank you so much for your wonderful, easy to mix, easy to use formula.
Name: C. Hosler
City,State: Anchorage, AK
I am writing to thank you for saving the life of my daughter's dog. One night he decided that my husband's and my bed was a great place to relieve his bladder. He was wrong. Anyway, I was at the end of my rope trying to get rid the smell. I found your recipe and tried it. I had everything available to me. I used it on the mattress and the smell was gone. Then, I used it on the box springs that the little dogs had decided to mark. Again, the smell was gone. My husband even stuck his nose to the box springs and couldn't smell a thing!
Name: B.Bauer
City,State: West Palm Beach, FL 
I cannot thank you enough for your pet odor remover recipe. It began to work almost instantly and within a few hours I could no longer detect any trace of urine odor. It has now been 4 days since I applied the recipe and the odor has not returned. The recipe worked just as well on old spots as it did on new ones. I'm ecstatic! 
Name: H. Spellman 
City,State: Colorado Springs, CO 
I have been so pleased with your recipe! I've applied it to several spots and the odor is gone! Thanks you so much. 
Name: T. Neuberger 
I just want to thank you so much for making your recipe available. I had purchased the recipe from you nearly a year ago and was keeping it on hand just in case I needed it. Well, it came into good use this past week. I have a female kitten that is 7 months old and she went into heat.

Needless to say, she seems to want to mark which I have read is a normal side effect of them being in heat. Well, one of things she marked was a bed mattress that my children sleep on. We had removed the bedding at the time to wash it and she sprayed right on top of the bare mattress. I was deeply concerned that I was going to have to just get rid of the mattress seeing as how the smell was so bad.

But I thought of your recipe and decided to give it a try. I poured it onto the spot and all around it about two days ago and waited for it to dry completely. This morning, I went in and put my nose right down to the same area and I didn't smell a thing. Absolutely no trace of odor at all. Now, I have an extremely strong sense of smell and I was skeptical that it could remove all the smells. But it did and I am very pleased with the recipe.

Also, I would like to note that I thought the liquid might leave a stain on the mattress, this being of little concern, but still something to note. However, there was no stain at all. Thank you again.

Name: R. Oberlin 
City,State Okmulgee, OK 
I just wanted to let you know that I have used your formula and I was frankly amazed. I have tried numerous different products in an attempt to get rid of the cat urine odor and have been unsuccessful. Your formula worked on the first try! I am very happy and very grateful to you. 
Name: L. Winston 
City,State: Carbondale, IL 
I'm so glad I ordered your pet odor eliminator recipe. It works really well, even on older, previously undetected spots. I have a new puppy and your recipe has saved my sanity and my budget. I've always had pets and have used countless other expensive products which left their own unpleasant residual smell. 
Name: L. Campbell 
City,State: Clallam Bay, WA  
Hi, Just wanted to tell you how much I love you, love you, love you or more appropriately, I love your formula. I purchased it quite a while ago and just got around to trying it...didn't even have to wait an hour and most of the smell was already gone! I put your formula in my Bissell, and sprayed the carpet using the hose attachment. Then, I went around doing the sniff test and sprayed the odor spots that didn't come out right away with a spray bottle... You see, I have four dogs that literally destroyed my whole carpet (not just one or two spots). Nothing worked... til I found your website. Best money I ever spent. Thanks!
Name: J. Baker 
City,State: Aurora, CO 
I recently purchased your recipe for the pet odor remover. Being skeptical to the point of "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is", I figured I was paying for a pipe dream. Nothing could have been further from the truth. As soon as I received your recipe I gave it a try. I absolutely couldn't believe the results. My wife and I share the house with four labrador retrievers. For some reason they decided to make the downstairs family room their own porta potty. It was sickening going into that room. We had tried the usual remedies to no avail. Your recipe not only works almost immediately. The room cleared up and most of the spots have completely disappeared. For the "doubting Thomas'" out there you really need to try this recipe. It is a gold mine for a small investment. Thank you very much. We are now able to use all of the square footage in our house-not part of it. 
Name: L. Legendre 
I had a cat urine area on my carpet that was a month old when I used your formula...worked like a charm! Odor was completely gone by the next day. 
Name: M. Buscemi 
City,State: Madison, WI 
I've been using your formula and, as I feared, I've had to use a lot of it over the past month. It is quite amazing. Where I have treated my Persian rugs with your formula. those areas seem to have been left alone and remain odor free once the area has dried. At the same time, we discovered that our problem cat has been dealing with inflammation in his urinary tract and he's been put on some medication that really seems to have restored him to better health. He seems more robust and happy. I was afraid I was going to have to put this otherwise very nice, healthy and well behaved cat down. So we're hopeful that your formula combined with the medication is going to allow us to keep him in his happy home even if the inflammation flares up again. Thanks a million for sharing your secret. 
Name: R. DeStefano 
Just wanted to write to you and tell you how great your solution works! We just got a puppy a month ago and he sometimes like to pee on the carpet. The smell in the TV room was unbearable. I bought all the ingredients, tripled the recipe and put into my steam cleaner....what a huge difference....thank you again. 
Name: L. Heller 
City,State: Gaines, MI
I just had to tell you that your formula works on ceramic tile and grout, too. My bathroom floor was suffering after potty training two boys. The grout smelled really bad. I tried several grout cleaners and other urine products from the store to no avail. I was ready to take the tile up and put down a new floor. I'm so glad I bought your formula. I made up an 8 oz batch of it and poured it over the floor. It created a foam that spread out over the floor. I let it sit and put a fan in the doorway on low, just enough to keep the air circulating. In the morning, the floor was dry and it smelled great! No more smelly floor! Thank you so much. God bless you! 
Name: D. Hand 
City,State: Wylie, TX 
I just wanted to thank you for your miracle recipe. I had three really bad areas in the only room with carpet that the cats used repeatedly for several years. I had shampooed the carpet numerous times, but I think that actually spread the problem. I mixed up a lot of it (24 cups) and put it in my carpet shampooer and totally saturated the areas. It took several days to dry, but the carpet was drastically improved. I did again a week later and was even more impressed. After the second dose dried, I shampooed the entire room to get out regular dirt and the carpet looks better than it has since it was new. Thank you so much! 
Name: L. Brown 
City,State: Millerton, NY
Hello, I just have to tell you this story on why I had to purchase your recipe. I just recently bought a new computer, and my beautiful cat was jealous of it and decided to urinate on the carpet to show me how displeased he was. I started to surf the web on all the products that were out there. Not knowing which one to choose I thought I would try your recipe. The price is what got my attention and the NEVER HAVE TO PURCHASE AGAIN was the clincher.

After the purchase, I received the e-mail and immediately thought I had been scammed. I read the directions and thought, what the heck, give it a try.


I was one of the lucky ones who found your recipe first, before trying a bunch of other ones that didn't work. Thank you so much for not only saving me money, but for selling something that actually works.

Name: J. Turner 
City,State: Vacaville, CA 
WOW!!! This is an AMAZING find! I can't say enough. We have had our dog for 1 month. She was supposed to be housebroken, if she is, she certainly doesn't let you know when she needs to go. I went through 1 1/2 gallons of Nature's Miracle and still had a foul stench coming from my daughter's bedroom. We had to treat the area twice, we're having a heat wave, but there is absolutely NO smell now and it's not just masked, it's gone! This is so simple, natural and affordable. I spent $40.00 on Nature's Miracle and to treat the same area with your recipe I didn't even spend $10.00.

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